List of Members

Osgoode School Council Members

2016-2017 School Year

School Council members and positions for the school year are established in September at the first School Council meeting. Please note however, that everyone is welcome to all meetings throughout the year.
Principal: Lorraine Whitby
Chair: Jaime Hodges
Vice Chair: Jennifer Sutton
Secretary: Maggie Matte
Treasurer: Christina Clark
Education Committee Rep: Kristen Cinnamon
Fundraiser Rep: None
Teacher Rep: Marjory Hammond
Support Staff Rep: Gennah Hill
Milk: Christina Clark
Hot Lunch: Jaime Hodges
Voting Members: Becky Grimwood
Cheri Nixon
Clair Hinther
Mel Kinsley
Dana Belanger
Jessica Cullen
Julie Gray
Lindsey Corkum
Lori Leptick
Meaghan Baker
Melanie Miller
Tammy Douglas