Fundraising is the most widely recognized part of School Council, as it is likely the most visible activity that parents see.

Throughout the year you will receive various fundraising packages from School Council.  We do not expect parents to partake in every fundraiser.  We supply lots of choices so there is something for everyone.

 Why Do we FundRaise?

School funding has changed considerably over the years, and many items we took for granted as children are no longer financially supported through the education system.  Our efforts of fundraising help to ensure that our children receive the best opportunities to thrive and succeed in a school environment.

Annual Fundraising Activities

  • The always anticipated move nights! (we aim to show 3-4 movies each year, depending on the new release schedule)
  • October: Christmas catalog sales
  • December: Christmas Shopping Day
  • February: Dance-a-thon
  • May: Spring Fling

Examples of recent purchases through fundraising include:

  • Epson BrightLite projectors in all OPS classrooms (2014-2016). This was a multi-year fundraising goal and a huge accomplishment for the school.
  • Annual classroom startup assistance
  • Subsidization of one bus per classroom for a field trip (annually)
  • Chess boards for the chess club (2015)
  • Art Projects around the school – Hallway mural in 2013/14 and “Birds on a Wire” in the library in 2014/15
  • Many in-class educational activities – Radical Science, Luv 2 Groove, etc

…and many more.   If you would like organize a new fundraising activity or provide input on where fundraising dollars should be spent, come out to a Council Meeting to share your thoughts. We’d love to hear from you!